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Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise which founded in SZ city,China in 2015.Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd. devotes to R&D, manufacture Frequency components. We are the distributor of International well-known electronic components, also could provide application technical supports and R&D services to customers. Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd. provides value-added services such as R&D requirements solutions, turn-key solutions, technical support, electronic commerce. We can meet the needs of different customers, such as OEM, ODM ,EMS and so on.
Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd mainly products include a series of DIP and SMD, Quartz Crystal resonators, Monolithic Crystals filter, Separate components, Ceramic filter, Ceramic resonator, SAW series and so on, which could be research and development of according with customers needs. Our products are widely used in mobile phones, Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, walkie talkie, cordless phone, automotive electronics, home appliances, notebook, base stations, radar and microwave communications.
Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd. is also the agent and distributor of Nextchip; ST  MPS Winbomd and other well-known semiconductor chip manufacturers. We focus on the market for LED drive and control integrated circuits. Since Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd establishment, the company has always been to improve customer value as the goal, to provide customers a variety of frequency control components, chips and modular design needs a full set of solutions. To meet all of customer needs that Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd is always exceed customers expectations performance in terms of price, quality, delivery, and service .